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The Intentional Pastor's Toolkit

Preach and Lead
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A toolkit that will help you lead with incredible clarity, develop leaders, reduce stress, and plan further ahead.

Finally Lead With Clarity

Have you ever been asked the question, “so where are we headed as a church?” or “what’s our vision?” and found yourself without a good answer? If you answered yes, you’re not the only one. In fact, the vast majority of pastors are leading without a clear picture of their church’s mission-charged future.

In other words, most pastors are trying to lead without vision. Unfortunately, when a church lacks vision, her leaders spin their wheels and congregants lack involvement.

But, The Intentional Pastor’s Toolkit is designed to lead you toward clarity both for today and for the future. The toolkit contains tools every pastor needs to strategically lead their church toward a gospel-sized vision with a plan to get there.

Stop Your Church From Drifting

There’s a reason 80-85% of churches are plateaued or declining. One word: leadership. Or to be even more specific, a lack of leadership. Too many pastors in too many churches are living Sunday to Sunday. They go an entire year without any distinct focus beyond making sure Sundays happen.

In order for us to see the church today turn around, more pastors must rise up and intentionally lead their congregations with strategic vision.

Imagine if your sermon planning was optimized. Imagine if your weekly rhythm was healthy and productive. Imagine if your church was constantly building leaders. Imagine if your staff and leadership team was all rowing in the same direction month in and month out. That’s what The Intentional Pastor’s Toolkit will empower you to do. ​

What’s Included?

Your Energy and Time Tools (to optimize your week)

  • Your Energy and Time Guide (.pdf)
  • Your Energy and Time Worksheet (.docx)
  • Your Energy and Time Schedule (.xlsx)

Sermon Planning Tools (to get ahead and preach better)

  • Sermon Planning Guide (.pdf)
  • Yearly Sermon Calendar (.xlsx)

Strategic Leadership Tools (to get clarity, cast vision, and develop a plan of action)

  • Strategic Leadership Guide (.pdf)
  • 6-Month Strategic Vision Discussion Guide (.pdf)
  • Yearly Strategic Plan Calendar (.xlsx)

Leadership Development Tools (to build leaders and build your church)

  • Leadership Development Guide (.pdf)
  • Leadership Development Core Content [20,000 words of leadership lessons to teach your leaders] (.pdf and .docx)
  • Yearly Leadership Development Calendar (.xlsx)

Attendance and Giving Tools (to track progress, notice trends, and define reality)

  • Attendance and Giving Guide (.pdf)
  • Yearly Attendance and Giving Tracker (.xlsx)

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The Intentional Pastor's Toolkit


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The Intentional Pastor's Toolkit

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